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About Us

Hi, nice meeting you.

Think of your business as a train, an impressive machine weighing over three hundred tons of steel. Pulled by the thousand iron wheels that never stop until the job is done. Now, say you turned off its engine. How much further would its iron wheels be able to push it. Every company, product or service - no matter how great or popular will eventually fade away without a constant push. Marketing is that push! It’s the engine that keeps your business moving forward and increasing your recognition. Think of us as your Modern Mechanics, keeping your engine running smoothly, expanding your reach and giving regular updates on its progress.

Knock on Wood Creative is a multidisciplinary studio that specializes in web development, graphic design and social media management. Business made easy, marketing made simple. Like a one stop shop we provide anything and everything your company needs to market itself. From your website and individual look, to logos, print work and a voice online to connect with your clients through multiple social media outlets. KOW is the result of an experienced web-programmer, a social media guru and a crafty designer teaming up after years of working in our respective fields. We noticed how many different avenues of "marketing & advertising" were just leading people to the same place.

Minotchka 'Mimi' ZuloagaCo-Founder / Social and Accounts

As a founding partner of KOW, Mimi’s experience in marketing makes her a key factor. If you really want to see her shine you can catch her on Facebook, Twitter or pretty much anything Social Media. Wanna hear the latest news, gadgets or a funny story - this is your girl. With over 5 years of experience in sales and marketing she found a way to blend her daily life with work. Now she is responsible for maintaining the most interactive social media accounts in all the land. Covering the office in post-it notes and reminders, her organization is impeccable. You can normally find her at the dog park reading business books with Kai, her Rhodesian ridgeback/bff.

Kenneth SpringerCo-Founder / Design and Accounts

Kenneth is a founding partner and the artistic push of KOW. His designs vary in form and presentation, following a funky style that combines elegance & simplicity with a modish dash. His experience in sales marketing combined with his fluency in graphic design allows for a designer that knows what sells. Usually, he’ll look at any brochure or label and quickly dissect the parts to take out and which to include. He takes his work seriously without taking himself too serious, and he’ll keep you laughing throughout the day.


Ralph De PazWebsite Development & Administration

Being fluent in various tongues, both linguistically and web, he takes the reigns on the tech side of it all. Ralph is the foundation and security of KOW. His knowledge of web development would put Zuckerburg to shame. With hundreds of web projects under his belt and endless hours of information technology experience Ralph has molded his place amongst the team. His insight in technology and keeping up to date with web standards help us keep our company up-to-date and our clients dancing with joy. When Ralph’s out of the office he’s probably taking it easy at home coding private projects or destroying self-esteems in online gaming.